AAUM University

In this era full of data, where everyone is talking about is the amount of data being present in the world and how to derive insights from it. This has resulted in the boom for the analytics industry, with the businesses going after employing data analysts and hiring experts to help them read the information properly.

We at Aaum believe that just having the expertise in analytics will not help but equipping the future generations will make a difference. We believe in building a future for analytics, where people are well versed with its intricacies. As Conficius once said- “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.”, Aaum abides by this and has this in their heart and soul.

Taking a step in the same direction we have launched Aaum University Program, under which we associate with the top colleges in India and help the students inculcate the zeal for analytics. Aaum Research and Analytics ties up with the colleges and then takes it upon ourselves to teach the students the nitty-gritty of analytics.

The program is designed to inspire the students interested in analytical solutions, career and research opportunity by introducing them to the upcoming technologies shaping up the industry. Students take part in the webinars, classroom sessions, internships and live projects.

AAUM has also been benefited a lot from these collaborations with the students. The students have helped through their projects in the development of various algorithms for various industries. AAUM looks upon these students as an opportunity to hone the upcoming talent for its own growth and at the same time nurture them to become leading data analysts.

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