AAUM has since its inception taken the road less travelled. It has achieved several milestones that many start ups in the analytics domain could not think of. AAUM defines itself through the expertise in the advanced analytics and the commitment to innovate. We also feel that synergy is the key to growth and thus have focused on a lot of conference to drive our growth story. We have published several white papers with the aim of innovation in the analytics industry. We share our resources to display our expertise and to strengthen your trust in us.

Technologies Services and New Approaches to Universal Access and Rural Telecom

ITU | November 2009

Technologies Services and New Approaches to Universal Access and Rural Telecom " submitted to ITU in Nov 2009 by Prof Ashok Jhunjunwala, Rajesh Kumar (Aaum’s founder), Sonali Singh and Suma Prashant

NREGA Assessment

Ministry of Rural Development, India | August 2009

NREGA assessment in five districts of Tamil Nadu

Eskills assessment for India

Empirica Gesellschaft for Kommunikations – und Technologieforschung mbH | July 2009

The objective of this study for the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry therefore is to monitor and understand better the evolution of the supply and demand of e-skills in Europe in order to anticipate change and facilitate dialogue between policy makers at the regional, national and EU level and leading stakeholders to reduce e-skills shortages, gaps and mismatches.

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