AAUM has since its inception taken the road less travelled. It has achieved several milestones that many start ups in the analytics domain could not think of. AAUM defines itself through the expertise in the advanced analytics and the commitment to innovate. We also feel that synergy is the key to growth and thus have focused on a lot of conference to drive our growth story. We have published several white papers with the aim of innovation in the analytics industry. We share our resources to display our expertise and to strengthen your trust in us.

Aaum Analytics – Presentations

Aaum's geniSIGHTS
Analytics for Water Utilities
Analytics on Telecom
Social Media Analytics
Retail Analytics
Power Distribution
Analytics on Matrimonial
Analytics on Insurance
Analytics on HR
Analytics on Hotel
Analytics on Healthcare
geniSIGTH Presentation
Analytics on Finance
Analytics on Election
Analytics on Crime
Analytics on Claims
Automative After Sale
Analytics on Education
Analytics on Movie Hall Multiplex